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Watch Repair Service

Get Quality Watch Repair and Maintenance Service

Some issues can force you to search for a watch repair service. You must hire a professional and experienced watchmaker to restore your watch’s functionality and reliability. However, finding an expert to handle your valued possessions isn't easy, especially the rare vintage watches.
Stylessence Fine Jewelry provides the much-needed repairs and maintenance for high-end watches. Besides offering watch battery replacement near me, we also deal with complex issues likely to damage your wristwatch. Here are reasons for relying on our watch-related services.

We Use Genuine Replacement Parts
The replacement parts will affect the watch’s durability. At Stylessence Fine Jewelry, we use original parts because the generic parts aren’t practical or functional, especially on high-end or vintage watches. We have networks with suppliers that distribute original parts straight from the manufacturers. They assist us in getting the right components for every type of watch. We also have some genuine replacement parts stocked on our shelves, which reduce the time spent on repairs.

We Have a Qualified Watchmaker
Qualifications and certifications are vital when repairing high-end or vintage wristwatches. At Stylessence Fine Jewelry, we understand the value of competence in providing watch repair near me. We have an industry expert who dedicated his life to repairing and restoring timepieces. Our specialist has over 15 years of experience repairing high-end and vintage watches. We can provide certifications and documentation as proof of our technician’s expertise.

We Provide a Warranty on Repairs
Despite having higher qualifications and extensive experience, watchmakers can make errors when repairing watches. A slight mistake in such cases can ruin the G Shock Watches, making them irreparable. We know such cases are likely to occur. So, we have taken the initiative to protect our customers from losses arising from such issues. We offer a warranty for watch and jewelry repair. You won’t be liable for our technician’s mistake. Also, our watch battery replacement come with a 1-year warranty for battery life.

We Offer Quick Repairs
Our clients prefer to use their watches or jewelry immediately after repairs. That is why we are time-sensitive when providing Jewelry Repair Near Me. We always try to provide the quickest service for every client. Our watchmaker’s advanced skills make it easier for us to render faster services. Although our repairs are quick, quality is still guaranteed.
If your jewelry pieces or Bulova Watches are worth a fortune, don’t repair them at any store. You might lose them due to poor service. You can call us for quality services that will elongate your watch’s durability.



We offer Watch Repair service to our customers. This service is only offered at the store and jobs are completed in a timely fashion.



  • Our Master Watchmaker has more than 15 years experience in repairing and restoring various timepieces.
  • We repair and fix most watch brands. We also offer on site repair services like:
  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watch Strap Adjustment
  • Watch Strap Replacements
  • Small Repairs like Watch Pins etc...